A Season of Growth, Transition, and Exciting New Horizons

A Season of Growth, Transition, and Exciting New Horizons

Hey everyone!

I've been reflecting on our recent involvement with the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, specifically our collaboration on the 'Mother Ocean' exhibit with Althaus Landscape Designs and other incredible sponsors - as well as other wonderful creators we supplied moss to during this show. It's been quite the journey, one that marks a significant moment for us here at Koda Moss.

'Mother Ocean' stood out as a testament to what we're all about - embracing the natural beauty and sustainability of our planet. The centrepiece, a stunning moss-covered wave, supplied by yours truly, was a vivid symbol of change, the dynamic flow of life, and, of course, the untamed beauty that nature holds. This exhibit was a bold step away from traditional, straight-edged designs, favouring the fluidity and organic forms found in nature. It was truly inspiring to see our moss play such a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.

This collaboration was more than just a showcase - it was a movement towards recognising and incorporating natural aesthetics that nurture both our environment and well-being. It's encouraged us to think differently about our gardens and outdoor spaces, seeing them as living, breathing entities that offer so much more than aesthetic appeal.

Participating in 'Mother Ocean' has been a highlight of our year, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and the ecological harmony of our products. It’s a reminder of the potential for human creativity to work in tandem with nature's wonders, creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful.

As we move forward, this experience has been a catalyst for some exciting changes here at Koda Moss! We're venturing into new territories, from expanding our product lines to include glassware and terrarium accessories, to growing our team to enhance your experience with us. And, with the cooler months on the horizon, we're thrilled about the wider variety of mosses that will soon be available, promising new textures and colours for your projects!

So, here's to embracing change, celebrating nature, and looking forward to a future filled with green beauty and sustainable practices.

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us. Let’s keep this conversation going and continue to inspire each other with our love for the natural world.

Much love,
Emrah @ Koda Moss

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