Mother Ocean - MIFGS 2024

Mother Ocean - MIFGS 2024

At the forefront of this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show stands 'Mother Ocean', an awe-inspiring creation by Althaus Landscape Designs, proudly supported by Koda Moss and a group of dedicated sponsors. This garden is not just a display; it's a movement towards embracing a natural aesthetic that nurtures both the earth and our well-being.

'Mother Ocean' is a bold step away from the straight-edged, human-made gardens we're used to. Instead, it brings to life a design philosophy that celebrates the curves and flows of the natural landscape. The centrepiece of this philosophy is a beautiful, moss-covered wave, supplied by Koda Moss, symbolising the energy of change and the ebb and flow of life. This feature stands out vividly against the structured parts of the garden, a playful nod to the untamed beauty of nature that surrounds us.

The design of the garden is intricate, with each element crafted to engage and intrigue visitors. It's a space designed to be experienced, to evolve with every look and to uncover hidden gems with each visit. Althaus Landscape Designs aims to spark a surge of creativity in every guest, encouraging them to imagine the limitless possibilities in their own backyards and to forge a deeper, more meaningful connection with the natural world.

Koda Moss, alongside a collective of sponsors, is honoured to contribute to this vision:

Each sponsor has infused 'Mother Ocean' with expertise and passion, contributing to a unified goal of demonstrating how gardens can become a sanctuary for both humans and nature.

As one of the sponsors, Koda Moss is particularly proud to see our sustainably sourced moss take pride of place on the wave structure. This is a reflection of our ethos — supporting the ecosystem while providing the highest quality moss that enhances both the beauty and environmental value of the landscape.

'Mother Ocean' at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is an invitation to reimagine our approach to gardening and to celebrate the symbiosis between human creativity and nature's wonders. It's a pledge by Althaus Landscape Designs and each sponsor, including Koda Moss, to a future where our gardens are alive with nature's harmony, beauty, and boundless potential.

Come and experience 'Mother Ocean', and while you're absorbing its beauty and inspiration, we invite you to come say hello. We'd love to meet you, share our story, and hear yours. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet the faces behind the gardens, including the team at Koda Moss. Together, let's plant the seeds for a greener future and a connection that grows well beyond the garden.

See the 3D render of the project here.

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