Research shows that moss  is extremely important for woodlands and forest eco-systems. Moss helps with soil erosion, nitrogen fixing and to break down decomposing wood.

All the moss we supply is strategically selected so that the distribution and regeneration are unaffected. We are currently one of, if not the only Moss supplier in Australia making a point of need for this industry to do the right thing.

With over a decade of foraging for bryophytes, we know exactly which rhizomes to pick and which to leave behind. We take only what is needed to satisfy the niche market and deliver it in a way that is user-friendly as well as eco-friendly.

We can't help it, we get left with unsold moss from time to time that's no longer visually pleasing, however, we take all unused moss back to the source and spread it out for regeneration.

All of this ensures the moss that isn't used, and the moss we never picked in the first place can happily regenerate and sustain its ecological purpose in the wild.

We are always looking for effective ways to reduce waste and plastics use. For example, our Fern Moss and Seasonal Mix packs come in bio-degradable packaging, and are sent in bio-degrable mailing bags!

If you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve our methods, please let us know!