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Springtail Culture - 235mL Tub

Springtail Culture - 235mL Tub

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🚚 Leaves the warehouse every Monday. Cut-off for all orders is 11:59PM Sunday AEST to leave the following Monday.

Springtails, tiny soil-dwelling organisms, are essential for creating a self-sustaining ecosystem within your terrarium. These hardworking decomposers break down organic matter, prevent mold growth, and maintain soil health, making them a must-have for any terrarium enthusiast.

NOTE: Due to the nature of shipping, springtails may go dormant during transit. This is a normal response to the disruption and does not indicate a problem with your order. Upon arrival, please allow up to 2 weeks for the springtails to re-emerge and become active. We recommend setting up their habitat as soon as possible and providing the appropriate conditions to help them acclimate. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact our customer support team.

Key Features:

  • Natural Cleaners: Actively breaks down waste and combats mold.
  • Easy to Integrate: Simply add to your terrarium for immediate benefits.
  • Eco-Friendly: Promotes a balanced, self-sustaining ecosystem.
  • Healthy Terrariums: Encourages plant growth and soil aeration.

Please Note:

Springtails may enter hibernation after being shaken around in transit. If you see no signs of life in the container upon arrival, wait a few days for them to emerge from hiding. If they don't come out after a gentle tap on the side of the container, please message us to arrange a replacement.

Ideal for both beginners and experienced terrarium builders, our Springtail Cultures are an effortless way to enhance your enclosed garden's health and longevity. Embrace these tiny allies and watch your terrarium thrive in harmony with nature!

Our tubs come loaded with a large amount of springtails, enough to service several terrariums. But if you're setting up just one terrarium, no worries - you can add them all in. The colony will balance itself out over time. Any springtails that don't survive will naturally become part of the ecosystem, helping to feed it.

Our cultures are delivered in bio-degradable packaging.

Shipping & Handling

Leaves the warehouse every Monday.

Cut-off for all orders is 11:59PM Sunday AEST.

No exceptions.

Sorry! We can't ship to NT, WA and TAS due to agricultural restrictions.

Full shipping policy here.

Ethics & Sustainability

Please consider the environment when buying live moss in Australia.

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Nope! We use absolutely no pesticides or chemicals on our moss and terrarium plant range.


From eco-mailers to bio-degradable shipping labels, we at Koda strive to make our practice as harmless as possible.

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