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Sphagnum Moss - Wild Foraged & Dried

Sphagnum Moss - Wild Foraged & Dried

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🚚 Leaves the warehouse every Monday. Cut-off for all orders is 11:59PM Sunday AEST to leave the following Monday.

Each piece is handpicked by us with the utmost care and respect for the environment, ensuring that neighbouring moss colonies are left undisturbed to regenerate and thrive. Our sustainable harvesting methods guarantee that the moss you bring home is as eco-friendly as it is beautiful.

Perfect for terrariums, vivariums, orchids and decorative arrangements, our Sphagnum Moss is sustainably sourced to minimise impact on its natural habitat. Peat moss offers excellent moisture retention properties to help maintain optimal humidity levels for your plants and terrariums.

Bring the essence of the wild into your space with this eco-friendly and versatile moss, perfect for adding a dash of nature's magic to your projects.

These moss pieces can even be regrown into lush green Sphagnum moss, allowing you to cultivate your own miniature sphagnum bog.

Shipping & Handling

Leaves the warehouse every Monday.

Cut-off for all orders is 11:59PM Sunday AEST.

No exceptions.

Sorry! We can't ship to NT, WA and TAS due to agricultural restrictions.

Full shipping policy here.

Ethics & Sustainability

Please consider the environment when buying live moss in Australia.

Read more about how we deliver our Ethics & Sustainability Promise.


Nope! We use absolutely no pesticides or chemicals on our moss and terrarium plant range.


From eco-mailers to bio-degradable shipping labels, we at Koda strive to make our practice as harmless as possible.

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