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Seasonal Moss and Lichen Mix Pack - 1000mL

Seasonal Moss and Lichen Mix Pack - 1000mL

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Unleash the Diversity: Terrarium Moss Mix Pack

Craft a captivating terrarium ecosystem with our Terrarium Moss Mix Pack, a curated selection of 5 live moss and lichen varieties (1000ml) chosen specifically to thrive in enclosed environments.

Why Choose Variety?

  • Dynamic Landscapes: Each moss species boasts unique textures, shapes, and growth patterns, allowing you to create multi-dimensional landscapes within your terrarium.
  • Ecological Balance: A diverse mix promotes a healthy microclimate, encouraging beneficial interactions between mosses and other terrarium inhabitants.
  • Endless Creativity: Experiment with different combinations to achieve a lush, personalized rainforest under glass.

Seasonal Delights:

The specific moss and lichen selections will vary based on seasonal availability, ensuring you receive the freshest, most vibrant specimens. Expect a delightful surprise with each pack!

Perfect for:

  • Terrarium Enthusiasts: Elevate your terrarium creations with a variety of textures and colors.
  • Beginners: Discover the wonders of different mosses and find your terrarium favorites.
  • Creative Minds: Design a truly unique miniature world with a diverse moss palette.

This moss mix can also be used for:

  • Paludariums
  • Tropical Animal Enclosures
  • Decorative Accents (photoshoots, crafts, etc.)

Bring your terrarium vision to life with the dynamic possibilities of our Terrarium Moss Mix Pack!

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    Ethics & Sustainability

    Please consider the environment when buying live moss in Australia.

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    Nope! We use absolutely no pesticides or chemicals on our moss and terrarium plant range.


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