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Feather Moss

Feather Moss

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Feather Moss, also known as: Sheet Moss or Carpet Moss, is a light and shaggy carpet forming moss that grows laterally and vertically up objects.

A perfect option when for Terrariums, Paludariums and sealed animal enclosures. This moss is deceivingly expansive and can be teared or sectioned using scissors in order to get the perfect size for those little nooks between rocks. Cutting moss poses no risks to the health of the plant and is advised if you want to make sure you fit out your tank or terrarium glass perfectly.

Product Specifics

Hypnales sp.

Also known as: Feather Moss  Carpet Moss  Sheet Moss

Sourced from Tasmania

General care instructions here 👈

Richness of colour and colony density/thickness will vary throughout the seasons


1 Layer = 19cm x 28cm
Approximately equivalent to one sheet of A4 paper

Sample = 15cm x 22cm

Best for projects such as...

  • Terrariums
  • Kokedama Balls
  • Paludariums
  • Tropical habitat
  • Frog tank / Animal enclosures
  • Flower arrangements
  • Shop displays, and much more! 

Shipping & Handling

Leaves the warehouse every Monday*

Cut-off for all orders is 11:59PM Sundays AEST.

No exceptions.

Sorry! We can't ship to NT, WA and TAS due to agricultural restrictions.

Full shipping policy here.

Ethics & Sustainability

Please consider the environment when buying live moss in Australia.

Read more about how we deliver our Ethics & Sustainability Promise.


Nope! We use absolutely no pesticides or chemicals on our moss and terrarium plant range.


From eco-mailers to bio-degradable shipping labels, we at Koda strive to make our practice as harmless as possible.

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