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Coral Lichen

Coral Lichen

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Cladia retipora also known as Coral Lichen or Reindeer Moss.

In the wild Cladia is found out in sclerophyll bushlands growing on top of leaf litter and low fertility soil in high rainfall areas that receive lots of air flow. 

Coral lichen can withstand prolonged periods of complete dryness. In fact, the only way we've managed to kill it is by giving it too much humidity. Versatile! That said, we would recommend placing Cladia in the the driest part of your terrarium keeping in mind the terrarium should always be humid but never too wet.

General rule of thumb for all terarriums is not to over do the humidity. If the inside glass walls of the terrarium is constantly wet, you've gone too far.

Moss and lichens do not respond well to plant fertilisers and unfiltered tap water. We recommend using a ground organic compost amendment in your substrate soil if you need to feed your plants and to use rain water, 10 minute boiled water or demineralised water to hydrate your moss babes.

Apart from terrariums, Coral lichen does well as an ornament in the bathroom, flower arrangements, dining table decor and more.

Richness of colour and colony density may vary throughout the seasons. This moss can withstand extended periods of dryness. 


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