Summer Update - A Heartening Shift in the Weather!

Summer Update - A Heartening Shift in the Weather!

Hi everyone, it's Emrah here!

A little while ago, I shared some concerns about how El Niño might affect our moss supply. Well, I've got some fantastic news to share! Against all odds, we've had a stroke of luck with unexpected cloud coverage and rains in the areas where I forage for moss. This twist of fate has blessed us with a surprisingly abundant harvest. It feels like nature listened to our worries and decided to give us a helping hand!

Bountiful Summer Ahead

So, the great news is that this summer, I've got a wonderfully lush and vibrant supply of moss ready for all of you. It's amazing to see how resilient and robust nature can be, even in the face of climatic challenges.

A Little Forewarning for the Upcoming Year

However, nature always keeps us on our toes. I'm preparing for a brief period next year when our moss might become scarce, possibly even depleted, until the first rains of 2024. This downtime is something I'm already planning for, so we can navigate it together smoothly.

A Surge in Demand and a Personal Request

Now, onto a bit of unexpected news. I've recently learned from my sources that other suppliers are facing completely depleted moss stocks. This situation has led florists and terrarium enthusiasts across the country to turn to Koda Moss. While I'm thrilled to help, this surge in demand has significantly increased my workload, especially in customer service.

I'm doing my best to keep up, but I ask for your patience and understanding during this busy time. If responses take a bit longer, or if I'm a bit swamped, know that I'm here, working hard to ensure you get the best moss and service possible.

Your Support Means Everything

Your understanding and support are what keep me going, especially during these busier times. I promise to keep you updated every step of the way. And remember, I'm always here if you have any questions or if you just fancy a chat about all things moss.

Here's to a lush, green summer and embracing whatever the new year brings us!

Emrah at Koda Moss 🌿✨🌦️

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