Exciting Updates and Expansions at Koda Moss!

Exciting Updates and Expansions at Koda Moss!

Hello Koda Community!

We're so glued to our desks that we're starting to become mossy┬á­čśů­čî▒

We're thrilled to share some amazing updates happening at Koda Moss. Our family is growing, our product range is expanding, and we're forging new paths to sustainability. Here's what's new:

  1. Building our Dream Team: To support our growth, we've brought on board a fantastic team. Their passion and expertise are key in bringing you the best in terrarium care.

  2. Expanding Our Product Line: The team is working toward implementing a wider range of products, including a soil, substrate & amendments range, a range of terrarium helpers such as isopods and springtails, and terrarium hardware. Hopefully in the near future we will import preserved moss to give you even more options with moss decor around the home.

  3. Increasing Moss Claims: We're in talks with landowners to expand our moss claims. This means more variety and stock for you to choose from.

  4. Partnerships for Sustainable Foraging: We're advocating for responsible moss foraging by developing partnerships with foresting companies. Our goal is to establish a moss foraging standard in Australia, ensuring sustainability in every step for everyone in the industry.

We're excited about these changes and committed to bringing you the best while caring for our planet. Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank You for Growing with Us!

Founder, Emrah @ Koda Moss┬á­čî┐­čĺÜ

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