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Preparing Moss for Planting

A question we get asked from time to time is "Should l wash my moss"? 

The answer is yes! However, only for certain species in certain situations. Not all moss will stay intact when being washed.

When using moss with a terrarium, aquarium or other enclosed environments, cleaning the moss will greatly reduce the chance of mould and other organisms from taking over your enclosure.

It's best to rinse your living moss with clean water, removing debris, oversized pebbles and potential mould spores. This process not only cleans the moss but it also stimulates the moss by exposing and stimulating the rhizomes.

What You'll Need

  • Live Moss
  • Demineralised, rainwater or 15 minute boiled tap water
  • Plate or tray
  • Paper towel
  • Ziploc bag or clear container with lid for storage after washing


  1. Divide the moss into pieces that you'll use with your project
  2. With your fingers gently press the moss to locate and remove any foreign objects such as sticks, rocks etc.
  3. Submerge a piece of moss in a bowl of water while gently squeezing to remove any remnant objects. Dirt will wash away from the moss which is fine!
  4. Once that's done, put the moss piece on a plate or tray with paper for 10-20 minutes in order to dry
  5. Repeat the previous steps for each piece. The water in the bowl will become muddy and you should replace it for the best results
  6. After the moss has dried sufficiently, you can choose to quarantine the moss in a ziplok bag for a few days before you plant it in your terrarium.
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